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Hi, I am Tisha

Meet Tisha “FOXXY” Shaw, a highly skilled and dedicated professional in the beauty industry. With a strong passion for hairstyling and a commitment to excellence, Tisha has made a significant impact as a licensed master stylist and certified hair loss specialist.


Tisha's journey in the world of cosmetology began at Mr Bela's School of Cosmetology, where she received comprehensive training and honed her skills. Armed with knowledge and a true love for her craft, Tisha embarked on a remarkable career that has spanned over 20 years.


In February 2005, Tisha took a leap of faith and opened the doors to her own salon  "Salon Cliche". As the owner and founder, she has built a reputation for delivering top-notch services and creating a welcoming atmosphere for clients. Tisha's commitment to professionalism and client satisfaction has earned her a loyal clientele and numerous accolades.


focus on hair loss solutions, Tisha has become a trusted authority in the field. Her certification as a hair loss specialist allows her to understand the needs and concerns of her clients, providing them with personalized solutions and comforting support.


Throughout her career, Tisha has overcome various challenges and worked tirelessly to exceed expectations. Her passion for helping others look and feel their best has driven her success and has made a positive impact on countless individuals. In addition to her remarkable skills as a stylist and salon owner, Tisha's warm and friendly personality creates an inviting and enjoyable experience for clients. Her commitment to building a strong rapport and making each client feel special sets her apart as a true professional. With a wealth of experience, a passion for her craft, and a commitment to excellence, Tisha Shaw continues to make a mark as a 20-year salon owner. Her dedication and expertise have undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the beauty industry and the countless individuals whose lives she has touched through her exceptional work.

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